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History of New Mexico Leather & Alternative Community
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This is an item of leather historical detail.  Information, links, emails, etc. are not current.

Sniffin' Around the Edges by scott wolfson

Warming temperatures, budding trees, shirtless boys/men;  ahhh, how I love Spring in Albuquerque.  my mind starts to wander from completing assigned tasks and begins to ponder just how good that muscle boy over there would look all roped & hogtied.  Woof!

Perhaps its not just the time of year - to be candid, i love feeling primal urges stir, regardless of the calendar date.  Springtime, however, routinely sparks a demanding horniness every year.  A desire to circle with the pack, sniff out new conquests, and play hard with them!!  Welcome them as a pack brother, if the connection's there and they add to the strength of the pack.  Woof, again!

When Ruben, Wes, and i chose the name "Leather Wolves" for our group (with the input of Dennis & Mauro) I don't think we fully realized how well we had chosen.  We find, several months later, that the name's much more apt than we expected.  We are like a pack, sniffing around the edges of the greater GLBT & BSDM communities in new Mexico, coming together for brotherhood & play when the need exists, ever guardful of our own individual identities & goals, supporting each other in both individual & joint pursuits, and recognizing that the good of the pack is each member's responsibility.  It's more than the old adage "you get out of it what you put into it".  More apropos would be "the pack grows only from what we each give it".


I've been approached by men who want to know what the Leather Wolves are, and i've found that it's much easier for me to say what it isn't.  We aren't a traditional gay men's leather club, with officers & bylaws & a home bar.  We aren't a typical fetish club, focused on a specific kinky activity or range of practices.  We aren't an educational group hosting munches aimed at teaching technique.  All of these types of groups have value & have and continue to contribute much to the world of the avowed pervert.  But we're something different.

What we are is a group of men who like to play hard, sexually, with other men.  We recognize that to many people even in our own GLBT communities, we are outsiders, and we CELEBRATE that fact.  We each value our own & our pack brothers' individuality, and seek to support & empower each other to reach goals & be leaders.  We don't have a president, or treasurer, or sergeant at arms, or any other traditional hierarchical leadership model.  Instead, each pack brother is responsible for & empowered to act for the pack.  In the case of conflicts or confusion, decision making and mediation falls by default to what i call the "Alpha circle", namely Wes, & myself right now.  But bear in mind, we don't want these roles permanently!!  We hope, as the pack grows, that others will feel energized & enthused to lead, allowing responsibility & power within the pack to be shared & multiplied for the good of the whole pack.

What do YOU think?  Wanna sniff around with us?  Wanna play?  Wanna grow the pack with us?  Drop me a line at

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Note: The history compilation on this page is courtesy of and Copyright 2024, Domum Corium Cordis, House of Leather Heart.

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