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History of New Mexico Leather & Alternative Community
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This is an item of leather historical detail.  Information, links, emails, etc. are not current.

Networking New Mexico for consensual male to male radical sexual expression

Where did you guys come from?

After the disbanding in recent years of longstanding  Albuquerque leather organizations such as the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico & Sandia Leathermen/Leatherwomen, social opportunities for gay/bi leathermen largely went underground.  Private parties kept some of the old connections alive until a few individuals recognized that the history & culture of gay/bi leathermen in New Mexico was too valuable to permit it to devolve into obscurity. 


Following a private men's leather gathering on Gay Pride weekend in 2002, these few men came together and resolved to form the Leather Wolves.   We aim to keep the men's leather/fetish subculture within the New Mexico Gay Community alive and visible by facilitating opportunities for social contact and BSDM/fetish play among Gay/Bi men living (or visiting) New Mexico.  Our pack is about PLAY.  Hardcore male to male contact.  Pig-nasty, gutter-butt, "tie 'im down & flog 'im hard" stuff.


We pursue this goal by hosting, promoting , endorsing and/or sharing information about both adult BDSM/fetish play events and social gatherings for men who are into leather, rubber, uniforms, bondage, Domination/submission, SM, FF, and other fetishes and/or forms of extreme sexual expression with other men.  We also value networking with the pansexual New Mexico Leather/Kink community, knowing that there is much we can offer each other.


Our Calendar page contains information about events of possible interest to Gay/Bi Leathermen living in or visiting New Mexico.  Events listed may be pansexual (open to all orientations/genders) or male-only.  We have an interesting Links page as well as a Rant page.  If you'd like to editorialize for the Rant, submit your writing via email.  No promises, but if we like it, we'll post it with your byline.


Leather Wolves (LW) Play Parties are Gay/Bi male only.  LW typically sends an email announcement out at least two weeks prior to our own events.  To be placed on our confidential email list and receive notification of our events, please click here.  Our email list will never be shared with anyone outside of the Leather Wolves.


Please feel free to look through our site.  Bookmark us, even, since the site is frequently updated. There are navigation links located in the top left corner and on the bottom of each webpage for your convenience.  If you know of an event that we might be interested in posting, please email us with the details.

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Note: The history compilation on this page is courtesy of and Copyright 2024, Domum Corium Cordis, House of Leather Heart.

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