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History of New Mexico Leather & Alternative Community
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This is an item of leather historical detail.  Information, links, emails, etc. are not current.

Pack Mentality - Genesis

After the disbanding of previous Albuquerque leather organizations such as the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico & Sandia Leather, social opportunities for Gay/Bi  Leathermen largely went underground.  Private parties kept some of the previous connections alive until a few individuals recognized that we needed some way to keep connected & to be accessible to newcomers who were willing to seek us out.


Founders of the Leather Wolves are Ruben G., Wes Grey Wolf and scott wolfson.  Additional organizational assistance  is provided by Steve Weardon & rick, Chuck Higgins, Donald Stout, Bill Wendt, Tony Carson, Jason D., Robert L., and Leatherboy randy.  Special thanks to Rex, Mark & Jim, the original ‘Leather Wolf widowers.”

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Who we aren't

We aren;t a traditional gay men's fraternal leather club, with officers & bylaws & a home bar, though some of our pack have longstanding ties with or membership in one or more such organizations.  But we're something different.

Who we are

Fundamentally, we are a group of men who like to play hard, sexually, with other men.  We recognize that to many poeple even within our own GLBT communities we are outsiders, and we CELEBRATE that fact.  We each value our own & our pack brother' individuality, and seek to support & empower each other to reach goals & be leaders.  We don't have a president, or treasurer, or sergeant at arms, or any other traditional hierarchical leadership model.  In stead, each Pack Brother's words and actions while identifying with the Pack represent that Pack.

Being a pack, we sniff around the edges of the greater GLBT & BDSM communities in New Mexico, coming together for brotherhood & play when the need exists, guarding our own individual identities & goals and supporting each other in challenging our limits.

Collectively, if not always individually, we recognize that male-only playspace has an inherent value, just as female-only, pansexual, and fetich specific playspaces do.  We make no apologies for our focus on male-only play and encourage others from the broader NM leather community to organize for their own play needs.  We're happy to volunteer as an information clearinghouse for events arising from diverse corners of the NM kink community when notified.  The fact is, we have limited organizational energy and male-only playspace is just what primarily gets our dicks hard, so that's where our energy goes.

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Note: The history compilation on this page is courtesy of and Copyright 2024, Domum Corium Cordis, House of Leather Heart.

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