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This is an item of leather historical detail.  Information, links, emails, etc. are not current.

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Evolution of the Revolution

As I write this, I realize there's only about a week and a half until we kick off EvoRevo weekend. I can feel the excitement building in the community, and no wonder. We have an incredible weekend planned for you!


Kick off the weekend Thursday at 3pm with Robert Dante's class:

Stack the Odds in Your Favor - How to increase the likelihood of successful and safe bullwhip scenes without sacrificing intensity or enjoyability, based on Dante's years in the Scene as an SMer and in the mainsteam world as a professional bullwhip artist.

The workshop will be followed by a meet and greet and an opportunity to purchase endorsed whips and whip accessories, including his DVD and book. Event details are here.

Thursday at 7:30pm, join Dr. Clockwork for an intro to Electrical Play with:

Zap! Violet Wands- Electrical Play Basics and Beyond - What is electrical play, where is that purple glow coming from, and why is everyone at the play party huddled around the electrical socket? The answer is violet wands. Learn about Nikola Tesla and the history of violet wands, direct, indirect and reverse techniques, internal electrical play, electrical fire play, and branding. Then enjoy the interactive demonstration where many of these techniques will be used.  Event details are here.


Friday at 5pm, Registration opens, as does the Carter/Johnson Leather Library. Take the time to look through the rich history the Library brings to us.


At 6pm, join us for a meet and greet with The Fetish Show. The Cocktail Party officially starts at 7pm. Join us for lavish food, cash bars, and raffles at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm.

Looking for that special toy, corset, piece of jewelry or dungeon equipment? We have a fantastic line-up of vendors to meet all your kinky needs:


1) IMsBB 2010 Jayson DaBoi will be bootblacking. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your leathers done by a legend!


2) Photos by Stacy will once again be taking portraits throughout the event. Commemorate your awesome outfit at the Cocktail Party or Play Party, or get a photo op with Mama Vi or Max Rulz!


3) Hottbonds is bringing us a repeat performance with their sexy, snug clothes, unforgettable lip locker, and unique bondage and discipline toys.


4) Tease by Travis will be returning with his amazing cuffs, binders, and ability to fix anything that went wrong with your old favorite implements!


5) MrZia has had a whole year to make some new, deliciously nasty toys. No one can escape punishment with MrZia paddles in the house (but who would want to?).


6) Moonlight Creations is heading back with their amazing array of leather cuffs, implements, and inimitable dragon tails!


7) Xcentricities is returning with spanking new fabric and corset designs. Remember: they fit men and women, and every body.


8) DrClockwork is coming back, all the way from New Jersey, with his devilish array of electrical and medical oddities!


9) Darla the Fetish will be joining us again with her gorgeous tarot cards, fun buttons, and erotic prints!


10) Self Serve, Albuquerque’s friendly neighborhood sex shoppe, will be joining us again. Books, dildos, anal toys, lube, sexy gifts, and more!


11) Welcome Cornell Ink, featuring art and design by Mary Anne Cornell!


12) MKCompany is new on the vending scene with knives, floggers, crops, and fabulous must-see aftercare kits!


13) Custom HandMade Glass Toys will be newly joining us! If you were at Festivus, you saw their beautiful glass dildos and plugs. If you weren’t, you’re in for a surprise that might make you late for a few parties.


14) Welcome O Whips with—you guessed it—whips! And more—including whip cases, paddles, and similar items of correction that will leave a mark.

Saturday at 9am, Registration opens again and breakfast is served. You'll have a chance to visit the Library again before the Kinky Townhall with Vi Johnson and Max Rulz, a donation ceremony for the Library, and some special performances by members of our local community. Take a break for lunch, then return at 12:45pm for the workshops:


What’s in It for Me? Play that Satisfies the Top Space” with Mistress Serene at 12:45pm


Humiliation, Degradation, and Objectification” with Dr Clockwork at 2:15pm


CUNTT Theory” with Max Rulz at 3:45pm


Take a break to relax and get ready at 5pm.


Saturday at 8pm, we present a Play Party in the three Private Ballrooms on the Golf Course!

Nearly 4,000 feet of play space; veranda with gorgeous view for socializing and after care; indoor area for socializing; private area in Ballroom for photos with Alibi; lavish array of snacks.


Here's a small bit of new info on the play party: Dr. Clockwork will be doing a violet wand branding demo on yours truly!

Sunday at 5pm, we invite you to Nancy Ava Miller's beautiful mountain home for a BBQ pool party. Everyone is welcome to swim, munch, socialize, and/or play at Nancy’s home. We will be kicking off People Exchanging Power’s (PEP) birthday with this BBQ. Nancy founded PEP on Oct 16, 1986, and we are so happy to wish PEP an early-happy-birthday at EvoRevo2.


Check out the event schedule here, and complete details here. Be sure to email the NMFL Board with any questions, and we'll see you soon!

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Note: The history compilation on this page is courtesy of and Copyright 2024, Domum Corium Cordis, House of Leather Heart.

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