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This is an item of leather historical detail.  Information, links, emails, etc. are not current.

New Mexico's Kevin Watson Wins International Mr. Fantasy 1996

Mr New Mexico Fantasy was a title of Sandia Leathermen and Sandia Leatherwomen produced for a few years that would feed into an International Mr. Fantasy Leather Contest, likely an offshoot of the Drummer contest.  The second International Mr. Fantasy Leather, 1996, was Kevin Watson, from Albuquerque, NM.  See pages from Issue 87 of The Leather Journal about this event.

Sources: The Leather Journal, Issue 87, Leslie Anderson.

The Leather Journal, Issue 87, Cover
The Leather Journal, Issue 87, Page 8

The Leather Journal, Issue 97, Page 8.

A large contingent of 12 men and women travelled from Mexico to watch their favorite son, Kevin Watson win the International Mr. Fantasy 1996 title in Omaha, NE the weekend of August 17-18. Jeff Sappenfield from Dallas, TX was first runner-up and Rick Strub from Omaha was second runner-up. The contest was held on Saturday night at The Max
which many collider to be the best bar for light and sound between Chicago and Denver.

Fantasy originally started in 1989 as a getaway without title competition with a vendor fair, workshops, and a two night show of staged fantasies. Producers Dustin Logan and Bob Ewing changed the event to an international contest in 1995. The goal was to keep the contest free of politics. Each state can send one representative to the finals in Omaha. Seven did so this year.

J.D. Buchert of Dallas, TX was the first titleholder and was commended by everyone at Fantasy for a job well done as a first-year titleholder. A roast in his "honor" was held during the introduction of contestants and judges on Friday night at The Max. His Lover, David, was also lauded for his assistance during Buchert's year.  J.D. and David celebrated a Reunification of Vows presided by Reverend Pat Langlois on Friday night. Club colors were presented and contestants drew their numbers.

The opening number, Rocky Horror Picture Show, was fantastic! A cast that included all of the contestants. co-emcee Frank Nowicki (the other emcee was Dustin Logan) as the Sweet Transvestite From Transylvania, Rick Noss as Brad and Jeanie Moe as Janet performed a shortened segment of the play to several of the play's songs. The production lasted about ten minutes and drew laughter and applause throughout then a standing ovation at the end.

Then came presentation of colors with O'Canada and the Star Spangled Banner being sung A Capella by Emperor of Omaha in 1995 Annie Welty.

The judges and contestant was introduced and appeared in fantasy wear. These were all hot. Kevin Watson in his Fireman's outfit seemed to draw the strongest applause.  


The next category was question/answer.  Frank Nowicki held eight cards in his hand, each one had the name of one of the judges on it. As a contestant drew a judge's name, that judge asked the contestant a question.

A fantasy perfprmed by the ImsL * brought down the house.  All of the IMsL * holders present and those who compted in MsL 1996 present were in the skit.

The International Fantasy has most of the standard leather contest categories plus mystery category which is announced to the contestants only an hour or so before the stage extravaganza began.  Each contestant was given a large oster board and was ask to create a greeting card for differed assigned US military days ranging from Armed Forces day to * Years.

Then came what everyone was waiting for - the fantasies!  Kevin Watson caught a work hand, James Collins, napping on the job. He tied Watson to a ranch-style wooden fence, whipped him with a leather strap.  The beating was real as one could see Watson putting every bit of his energy into the whipping.  Meanwhile, a branding iron was cooking in the flame (real) that was used on Collin's right cheek at the end.  Watson and Collins received a standing ovation from the crowd and applause from most of the judges.  *Seral different and past titleholders gave speeches ...

The Leather Journal, Issue 87, Page 9
The Leather Journal, Issue 87, Page 10


The Leather Journal, Issue 97, Page 9.

... various causes between fantasies given the stage crew time to remove and replace sets.

All of the fantasies were good with the most humorous being that of Jeff Sappenfied.  Jeff was in a gym with another jock while the University of Texas fight song played in the background. It soon turned into a fisting scnene.  it ended when Sappenfield tried to pull his hand out of the fistee's end to the tune of The Beatles' I Want To Hold Your Hand.  What a scream!  Rick Strub's puppet scene was a hit, too.  Puppeteer received compliments on his hair from admires afterward.

The judging panel included head judge Bob Ewing, J.D. Buchert, IMsL 1994, B Cindy Bookout, IML executive committee member Harley McMillen, TLJ publisher and editor Dave Rhodes, IML 1995 Larry Everett, TLJ Man of the Year 1988 Alan Selby, and the Cuff owner (Seattle) Scott Rodriguez.  International Mr. Drummer 1995 David WW Walker and Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1995 Joe Morris were the tally masters and the judges' boy was Omaha's Pat Phalen.

The weekend started on Thursday night with a Fantasy Pre Part at DC's.  Judges and contestants had to be in town by Friday morning for meeting so most of them had flown in on Thursday.

The Fantasy Welcoming Party on Friday night sponsored by the Leather Engineers of Omaha was at Chesterfield's followed by the registration party at The Max.

A scavenger hunt on Saturday was won by Suzy Q and Scott.  Their prize was a t-shir for four that was awarded on Saturday night during the contest.  Workshops and a vendor fair at The Max kept everyone busy on Saturday.  The workshops include Being A Boy, Bondage and Creative Fantasies.  Most vendors reported low sales.

After the contest ended on Saturday night an after hours celebration was held at DC's.  Most of the people attended a party at the Radisson Redick Hotel hosted by Sandia Leather.  The place was packed and the crowd cheered when the new International Mr. Fantasy Kevin Watson entered the suite.

Sunday afternoon's brunch was at Gilligan's.  Many commented that the food was great.  Fantasy had traditionally held their Sunday brunch at Gilligan's and Fantasy regulars look forward to it.

The weekend came to a close with the traditional softball game at Leavenworth Park.  Teams were chosen and the game ended after four innings and a lopsided score of about 34-10.  The final score seemed more like the Nebraska Cornuskers playing Iowa State in a football more than that of a softball game.

Those who stayed at the Radisson Redick Hotel had the services of a limousine all weekend.  A competing hotel vied for the Fantasy weekend during the Winter, but when the co-producer Dustin Logan polled some of the people who attended Fantasy every year he found out that the Radisson Redick is one of the favorite hotels on the title circuit.  The services this year were superb as usual.

Kevin Watson arrived in Albuquerque to find a big party thrown in his honor at the Ranch by the Sandia Leather Men and Women on Sunday night.

The New Mexico Leather community has become real active recently.  With the addition of IMsL 1995 pat baillie and her lover Pat Langlois a few months ago, and now Cindy Bookout and her lover, it will be even stronger.  New Mexico Leatherfest and the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico's Hot Air 1996 weekend is this month.

The Leather Journal, Issue 87, Kevin Watson, International Mr Fantasy 1996

Left top: Bob Ewing.  Right top: Dustin Logan.  Bottom: Kevin Watson.


Note: The history compilation on this page is courtesy of and Copyright 2024, Domum Corium Cordis, House of Leather Heart.

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