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NM-REAL was originally founded by four diverse members of the Albuquerque alternative lifestyle community to act in service to the community.  The term "Leather" refers to strong honor and ethics associated with service to the community.  "Leather" also includes a broad set of alternative lifestyles that wear no leather, all sexual orientations, and all gender identities.  A broader group of volunteers and founders worked to create a strong set of Bylaws and Code of Conduct, and establish a formal non-profit corporation to serve all of New Mexico.

We are just ramping up!  More information will be coming soon about events and membership.  Stop by and look for updates!

NM-REAL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation recognized by the NM Secretary of State and the IRS that operates under a strong set of bylaws and Code of Conduct for its Board and its members.  Donations to NM-REAL are fully tax deductible.

Our Mission

NM-REAL Creed:

  • We believe in RESPECT for everyone.

  • We believe that strong ETHICS are a foundation for truly safe space and will always strive to be ethical and risk-aware.

  • We believe in ACCEPTANCE of all lifestyle choices that are healthy and consensual.

  • We believe in honoring the tradition of LEATHER, its evolution for new generations, and exhibiting positive behavior rooted in Loyalty, Love, Lifestyle, Laughter, Learning, and positive language to educate and become educated about our community.


NM-REAL Purpose:


We will organize community engagement and provide education by benefiting our members and the public with fun safe space and programs to learn about and engage in alternate lifestyles, and promote respect, ethics, acceptance, and leather lifestyle awareness.


We will engage in charitable endevors including education, scholorship, rights advocacy, community awareness, voluneerism, and fundraising to support NM-REAL and ally organizations.


We will develop relationships and promote partnership with similar organizations locally, across the United States, and abroad.

Community Leadership by Example

We will demonstrate behavior in all activities for this organization with ethics, integrity, honesty, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Justice (DEIJ) by adherence to our Code of Conduct.


NM-REAL is lead by eight officers of the organization: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Sergeant at Arms.  A variety of others including members and non-members of the organization can participate on committees and help make events and safe space happen that are of interest to them.

NM-Real officers must provide professional activity, transparency, and regular reporting to the public and governments of New Mexico and the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


Social Media:

NM-REAL has presence on a few other social media sites where you can find more information about us and our events.  Join us there if it is convenient for you.

  • Fetlife Square Red 200
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

We Appreciate Your Support!

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