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History of New Mexico Leather
& Alternative Communities

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History is a foundation that helps us approach the future with more understanding.  Awareness of history helps us realize not just what came before us, but also understand how things have changed, are changing, what was attempted, successes, struggles, and the great time had by many in alternative lifestyle communities.  It reminds us that time passes by quickly and to be sure to be kind as you travel through your journey through these alternative communities.


Our chosen family and clans create safe space for exploring our true selves in alternative lifestyle communities, providing harbor from oppressive normative culture, while we mentor and learn from each other, and find friends.  Each of us usually forms connections with one or a small number of individuals; however, more formal groups that we create often provide additional ability to feel safe and make change in our community through a stronger voice, simply existing and being present or through more active means.​  New Mexico's Leather history has roots back to the motorcycle clubs that were established after WW2, in particular, influence from Los Angeles' Satyrs Motorcycle Club.  Others arriving from across the world also contribute, mixing with the alternative lifestyle of locals. New Mexico has had a long-standing reputation of tolerance (in general) from the predominant cultures of various Indigenous, Spanish, and Anglo communities.  

Hijos Del Sol Motorcycle Club Logo



Hijos Del Sol, or "Children of the Sun," was an early men's-only motorcycle group in Albuquerque formed in July, 1978.  It was originally set up by Dick Marleau who moved to Albuquerque as a member of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles.  Contacts shown in a printed ad were Tom Harris and Dick Marleau.  They had no club nights but met at Foxes and Albuquerque Social Club.  Other names involved include Pat Sanchez and Casey Newkirk.

As a progenitor of Hijos del Sol, the Satyrs Motorcycle Club was formed in November 1954 by Chapin "Smitty" Smith and six other founding members.  They Satyrs is the oldest continuously operating gay organization in the United States and the first with a constitution and bylaws. The club is still active today, with members who participate in various activities and charity events.

Sources: Leslie Anderson, Casey Newkirk, Internet.

Hijos Del Sol Motorcycle Club paper ad


Motorcyclemen of New Mexico

MMNM produced the New Mexico Drummer contest. <more>

Leslie Anderson was an associate of MMNM and the first women (at the time) member, voted in with almost unanimous approval (one dissent).  This was associated with their run and eventual title win as American Leatherwoman.  Associate memberships were provided to those that had no motorcycle or would be from out of state.   MMNM started loosing interest and cohesion about 1997. Some members moved to Sandia Leathermen as an organization that did not require motorcycles.  Bars were becoming more inclusive of a broader set of people.

Leslie Anderson recalls a conversation with Pat Sanchez at The Ranch, sitting in the dual bootblack stand (now at Sidewinders).  They talked about women coming up in the community and Pat thought that there would be a set of "Ms." titles, which came to be true.

Casey Newkirk, recalls his entry into MMNM. Casey came from Dallas and involvement there in the Dallas Motorcycle Club, forming the Branding Iron Club - a 501(c)(3), and setting up the Silver Spurs in the early 1970s.  He came to Albuquerque after a life-changing event occurred.  In 1988, after a long time helping MMNM as a non-member, at the insistence of Bill Rhetta and unanimous support of other members, he signed up.  He recalls leaving the club about 1993 when he felt leadership emphasis turned toward sex and fisting.  Casey preferred the prior focus on riding bikes and fundraising for charity.

MMNM disbanded in the late 1990s as energy decreased and the bars were more welcoming of a broader set of people.  For instance, Albuquerque Mining Company, with a sign "999", and called "The Nines," had a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling and a leather bar off to the side.  The Social Club's back area was often converted into a large play space.

Sources: Leslie Anderson, Casey Newkirk, LA&M, Scott White (President of RMMC for 6 years), Dennis Dunnam, New Mexico Secretary of State business search.

Pin - Dick Marleau, Badge, Motorcyclemen of New Mexico
Patch - Motercyclemen of NM, MMNM
De Anza Motor Lodge Sign, Albuquerque, NM
Pin, Leslie Anderson, Associate, Motorcyclemen of New Mexico, MMNM
Pin - Motorcyclemen of New Mexico (MMNM) 1st Anniversary GFR Bike Run 1982
Pin - Motorcyclemen of New Mexico, MMNM, GFR Run  1988
Pin, Offices Held. Dennis Dunnum, Motorcyclemen of New Mexico
Patch Vest Back, Dennis Dunnam, Motorcyclemen of New Mexico
Patch Vest Frong, Dennis Dunnam, Motorcyclemen of New Mexico

The Motorcyclemen of New Mexico (MMNM) were formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation by New Mexico residents at the Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club’s (RMMC), at the 10th annual camp out in Colorado call the “Golden Fleece Run” (GFR), which happened for 40 years.  MMNM was registered with the New Mexico Secretary of State on 15 July 1981 by R. Gregg Watkins.  Directors were Dave Bedford, Gregg Watkins, Dave C. Owen, and Terry Robert.  These New Mexico residents decided to start their own run while at GFR.  Dick Marleau from Hijos Del Sol was involved in founding MMNM, a somewhat informal gay men-only motorcycle club. Other names included Bill Rhetta, partners Bill Meeks (DoD) and Bill Curr (El Paso Public Schools), Casey NewKirk, Pat Sanchez, Walt Lang (Pat's partner for a time), and Dennis Dunnum.  Wes Graywolf, a photographer and artist used to vend at MMNM events and produced many of the posters and promotional items for MMNM. The primary hangout location was Social Club, which at the time was mostly a men's bar.  Dennis Dunnam joined MMNM in the early 90s, being Quartermaster in 1993, Secretary in 1994, VP in 1996, which transitioned to President in that year.  He was publicist in 1997.  Some members of MMNM inspired artist Delmas Howe and were used in his "Stations" series of paintings.  Membership was mandated to be 75 percent owning a motorcycle.  Associates could live further away from Albuquerque.

Pat Sanchez, Belen, NM., was the Rocky Mountain Regional Award 1994 winner from TLJ, Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991 and multi-office holder for the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico.  Pat produced the NM Drummer contest eventually after his win.

MMNM's hosted run was "Hot Air" which was held at the same time of the year as the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, running from 1984 through 1997.  See the EVENTS page for more information on this bike run.  Another usual run by MMNM was to the Trinity Site on White Sands Missile range, east of San Antonio, NM, which occurred at the April date for the open visits.  

M&Ms in Cuffs 1 fixed.jpg

Motorcyclemen of NM in Cuffs.  From Leslie Anderson.

Motorcyclemen of New Mexico in Cuffs, Wes Grey Wolf and Dave Bedford.

Wes Grey Wolf and Dave Bedford in Cuffs.  Picture from Leslie Anderson.

Bob and Glen from M&Ms.jpg

Motorcyclemen of NM in Cuffs.  Bob and Glen.  From Leslie Anderson.

NMGRA Logo - Late
NMGRA Early Logo


New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association (NMGRA)

Without a doubt, cowboys are as important to the alternative lifestyle in New Mexico as  the Leathermen coming home to the USA from WW2.  Cowboys, cowgirls, and cowhands wear leather, and bring the Levi's to "Leather & Levi's." New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association (NMGRA) was established in 1984 to cultivate the Western lifestyle within the LGBTQ+ community.  NMGRA was formed as a domestic nonprofit corporation in New Mexico starting in 2021 by Brian Helander.  Directors were Michael Kaplan, Juan Mares, and Jeff Lowe. NMGRA operates the Zia Regional Rodeo since 1991 and have hosted World Gay Rodeo Finals in 1996, 2000, 2009, and 2017.  The Rodeo was held originally in Albuquerque and later moved to Santa Fe.  They also host a royalty contest since 1990.

Sandia Leathermen supported NMGRA, at times being security for the NMGRA events.

Sandia Leather at NMGRA.

Sandia Leathr at NMGRA. From Leslie Anderson.

NMGRA Zia Rodeo Central Cowboy Horse Logo
NMGRA Zia Rodeo Logo
Poster, 1991 Zia Regional Rodeo, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Poster, 1996 Zia Regional Rodeo, Albuquerque, New Mexicojpg
NMGRA Early Logo
NMGRA Early Logo

Sources:, on (2014-), on (2000-2014), Leslie Anderson, New Mexico Secretary of State business search, archives.

Mama's Family Patch, Small
Mama's Family in Albuquerque during a visit by Mama in 2017, Sidewinders Ranch.

Mama's Family in Albuquerque during a visit by Mama in 2017, Sidewinders Ranch.

​Mama's Family with some Albuquerque members, Folsom Street Fair, 2017, outside Powerhouse.


Mama's Family

Mama's Family is a world-wide honorary family for those that contribute to their leather communities.  Many have had the experience of being "Mama's next victim" when they were observed strongly contributing and picked by Mama or brought to her attention.  Mama is Sandy Reinhardt.   The first to call her "Mama" was a popular drag persona "Ernestine." Robert Sastini and Mama were in the Phoenix, (San Francisco's Castro District), and Ernestine commented something to the affect of "you must be my "Mama." There in that bar, a family tradition would be born that neither knew would flourish into the "Mama's Family" that now exists. Mama's Family members have shown up at leather event gatherings across the world, and contributed to fundraising efforts.  Mama came to New Mexico multiple times, attending events at the invitation of local leather groups.  In 2021, a group of leathermen in Ft Lauderdale, FL, established "Mama's Helping Hands Foundation, Inc." there as a charitable effort to provide continuity to the work of Mama's family.  In 2024, Mama and her biological family decided that Mama could no longer travel and manage the family, and moved to close the family roster.

All family names start with "Mama's" followed by something unique.  Some of Mama's New Mexico Members are: alpha boy Rex, Alpha Tech, Desert Daddy, Easy Rider, First Hand, Hot Tamale, KinkyMartian, Moonlight, Mr Rio rande, MunchKat, Naked Knitter, Optimus, Prince Julian, Pup Monkey, Strong Black Bull, Tattoedbassoonist, and Whip Daddy.

Source: Multiple Mama's Family, Sandy Reinhardt (Mama),

Mama's Family with some Albuquerque members, Folsom Street Fair, 2017, outside Powerhouse.


Sandia Lethermen


Sandia Leatherwomen

Sandia Leathermen was a extremely successful organization recognized across the USA leather community.  They held many events in New Mexico, including bar socials, education, and play parties.  This club started for various reasons including to establish a leather club that didn't require a motorcycle, establish a group at The Ranch (Sidewinders), bring inclusion to women.  Not many women, leatherdykes, at the time went to Social Club, but they came to The Ranch.  This club coexisted with the motorcycle and other clubs and they had different focus.  Don, the owner of The Ranch at the time, and his lover were part of starting this organization.  Dennis Dunnam was on the sidelines helping.  Another aspect for the creation of this club were the associate members of Motorcyclemen of New Mexico (MMNM), who did not own bikes.  They wanted another organization in which they could more fully participate.  Casey Newkirk, of NMMM recalls there were some initial hard feelings by some members of MMNM on establishment of Sandia Leathermen; however, Casey put a positive spin on it for them that they needed their own group and the two groups could collaborate.

A sister club, to Sandia Leathermen, Sandia Leatherwomen, was established in 1995.  Far ahead of its time, these two clubs were never divided; they shared the same bank account and board.  They had planned to become simply "Sandia Leather" in the future, which was not implemented.     When Steve Wearden became a member, he brought in Leslie Anderson, Diva Marie, and Lady Willow.  Leslie became treasurer the first year they were a member.

This group produced multiple events at different times of the year.  Mr. and Ms. New Mexico Leather was their primary contests produced titles throughout their existence.  They also produced Mr and Ms NM Leatherfest, which was an less-formal warm-up event for people that that might eventually enter Mr/Ms. New Mexico Leather.  It was only held a few years, occurring in October as a response to the MMNM Hot Air event around Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta.  Their Mr and Ms NM Fantasy title production lasted about three year, intended to feed into a national competition, brining an international title back to Albuquerque in 1996.  See the EVENTS page for more detail. This organization won the 1997 Pantheon "Large Club of the Year" from The Leather Journal.  They disbanded in April 2000.  Around this time only the core individuals were doing all the work and they felt they had reached the pinnacle of the organization and didn't have more to contribute.  Their remaining funds were distributed to local charities and The Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago.

Sources: Leslie Anderson, Dennis Dunnam, Casey Newkirk, NM Secretary of State Trademark Search, Internet resources.

Patch, Sandia Leathermen
Patch, Sandia Leatherwomen
Pin, Offices held, Sandia Leatherwomen, Leslie Anderson
Alternative Erotic Lifestyles, BDSM organization, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Alternative Erotic Lifestyles (AEL)

Alternative Erotic Lifestyles (AELis a pansexual organization catering to those interested in exploring alternative forms of erotic expression, including BDSM.  They are open to the heterosexual, gay/lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual, etc.  AEL holds several events each month, including a PowerMunch and a meeting or party. We also offer various educational opportunities throughout the year.   AEL was  nominated for the prestigious PANTHEON OF LEATHER COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD for Small Club of the Year for 2003.  This group was started in 1991 by community members including Diva Marie, jenny, and Melissa. AEL is now organized now by Stan and kathryn. 

2002 - 10th Anniversary Play Party.

Sources: AEL, community members, (2003-2011), on

Bears of Mañana, Logo, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Bears of Mañana

Bears of Mañana is a club for gay men self-identifying as Bears and their admirers, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It was started by Dominick Zurlo and his partner at the time, David Guiney.  It was formed in November 1992 after Dominick and others wanted to bring a bear community to Albuquerque after experiences in Phoenix.  In attempting to pick a name, everyone was tired and someone said "We'll work on it Mañana."  With that, the name was established in 1993.

This is a dues-free club and they have no by-laws, leadership structure, or titles. The club was started to provide a place for bears from all over New Mexico to gather. Although the club is based in Albuquerque, they have get togethers statewide, from White Sands to the Gila Wilderness to the Santa Fe National Forest.  Postcards were originally used to send notices about meetings.  The held many of their meetings at The Ranch.  They organized the American Bear Awakening (ABA) event in cooperation with Sandia Bears, a group that was a 2007 offshoot of Bears of Mañana.  In 1998 the members were Bill, Bruce, Dennis, Jeff, Keith, Kelly, Mark & Bill, Rand Lee, Al, Ranger Dan, and mark Douglas.

Sources: Dominick Zurlo, on (no content found), on (2007-2009), on (1998-2001), D Tony Carson, Facebook.




New Mexico NEWSLEATHER was a short-lived newsletter published in Albuquerque. <? Published by Casey Newkirk> <more>

Source: New Mexico NEWSLEATHER Issue #2, LA&M.

New Mexico NEWSLEATHER, November 1995, Issue #2, front page


Four Corners Power Exchange & Erotic Role-play (FCPEER)

Four Corners Power Exchange & Erotic Role-play (FCPEER), background image

Four Corners Power Exchange & Erotic Role-play (FCPEER) is a pansexual organization catering to those interested in alternative lifestyles including Poly (swinging), exploring alternative forms of erotic expression, including BDSM. The term pansexual means that we accept people with any form of sexual preference. They welcome heterosexual, gay/lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual, etc.  Their homstead website has been static since 2001-2002 schedule.

Source: on (2002-2011 - static, unmaintained).


NM The Next Generation Albuquerque (NM:TNG)

New Mexico The Next Generation Albuquerque, NM:TNG, logo

New Mexico The Next Generation Albuquerque (NM TNG ABQ) has been in the Albuquerque area for decades.  TNG is a purposefully transient in membership as a BDSM organization because it is for those 18-36 years of age.  Original leadership in New Mexico included Julian Wolf and Jesse who established NM:TNG in 2002.  From NM:TNG's website they list the following history. November 2002: established.  2004: Helped produced the the first of many Rio Grande Leather weekends. 2005: Assist with first of many NMLL Spring Pandemonium events, Sponsor ABQ Pride, Offer trainings, Hanky Code Parties. 2008: Second Rio Grande Leather titleholder from TNG, sixth anniversary with over 100 members.  NM:TNG transitioned online from to in 2010.  NM:TNG held meetings, classes, play parties, and other events. Others involved in leadership include Lady Heather, Jenny, Hannah, crrreature, and Jenny Rice. Other members include Mel-Doll, Saint, Jeremy (Morphius Bastet), Jermey AKA "The Ogre",  Sara, and Hannah. A more recent president in 2020s is boy Christian.

Sources: Fetlife, Facebook, NM:TNG Members, on (2009-2013), on (2005-2011).

TNG Float Albuquerque Pride, 10 Jun 2006
Patch - New Mexico Leather Wolves
New Mexico Leather Wolves, animaged GIF
Leather Wolves Float, Albuquerque Pride 10Jun2006


New Mexico Leather Wolves

New Mexico Leather Wolves (NMLW) arose in June 2002 from Albuquerque’s existing leather community and focuses on promoting hardcore play among men. It had three co-founders, Wes Grey Wolf, scott smith, and Ruben Gallegos.  It formalized into a Leathermen's Fraternity in August of 2005.  It started out with a delcaration of no formal structure but transitioned to a formal leathermen organization with bylaws and officers.  They held many regular bar socials and events including Mr. Rio Grande Leather.  They named the back bar of Sidewinders Ranch "Wolfpack Bar" where they held events including Night School and their Bar Night. Names involved include Randy Coburn, Steve Weardon, Tyler McCormick, Craig D., Ruben G. , Rex, Major, Mauro, Eldest Saint.   The earliest web capture from April 2003 stated "LW's Virtual Den: Networking New Mexico for consensual male to male radical sexual expression." In 2005-2006 NMLW established their own website

In 2005 and before: No leadership structure.  In 2006-2007: President: Ruben Gallegos, Vice President: tyler mccormick, Secretary:Major, Treasurer: bruce ellison, Members' Whip:Michael Coburn.  In 2008-2010: President: Craig Dill, Vice President: Wes Grey Wolf, Secretary: Nate Brown, Treasurer: bruce howard, Members' Whip: Steve Weardon.

There was a strong disagreement around a variety show song and the organization structure leading to the departure of a dozen or so members that started Albuquerque Leather Daddys.  NMLW  were not able to sustain operation after the loss of so many members, shutting down in 2010.  The web domain was lost shortly after this time.

Additional History Detail:

Sources: Members, (2003-2011) and (2003-2007) on


New Mexico Gay Pumpers (NMGP)

New Mexico Gay Pumpers, a "Vacuum Pumping Club in the Land of Enchantment," was a club is for gay male adults, 18 and over, into the art of vacuum pumping. It was also a place to discuss related topics, share information, and meet other pumpers. Beginning in June 2004 the club held monthly group pumping sessions on the 3rd Friday of each month from 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM at Pride Gym. Pumpers from outside New Mexico visiting Albuquerque and inexperienced pumpers were welcome.  Founder of this organization was Randy aka PozLeather.  Other members included BEEFYPUMPER, Big Dick Danny, dnvrFFee, and David.  This group appears to be short-lived from Internet Archive data.

Source: on (26Jul2004).


Sandia Women's Dinner

The Sandia Women's Dinner was a monthly, public dinner/discussion group where women could meet to ask questions and discuss topics like sexuality, alternative sexuality, polyamory, "kink," BDSM,etc. -- in an environment that's safe. Or simply meet, have a little dinner, spend some quality time among like-minded women and have a good conversation. The Women's Dinner was open to all biological women, those who live their lives 24/7 as women, and women who are in or who are contemplating gender transition. Straight, Lesbian, Bi, curious, celibate, and anything in between - all orientations were welcome.  They held their events first Thursday of the month at The Cafe Next Door, 4013 Silver Ave SE.  They also cooperated in community events such as Desert Pandemonium.

Sources:, (2004) on, links from Leather Wolves website.

Pin - Sandia Womens Dinner.png
Pin - Leather Fiesta 2015-500.jpg
NMLL 2006.png
Pin - Spring Pan 2022.png


New Mexico Leather League (NMLL)

New Mexico Leather League (NMLL) is a pansexual, cross-community organization that had long-standing intent to produce two events per year, Spring Pandemonium (evolved from Desert Pandemonium), (usually about March-May), and Leather Fiesta, since 2011, (usually October-November).  NMLL was founded in 2006 with organization efforts back into 2005.  These events were quite large and regional, brining in national instructors for classes, having dungeons, socials, and hosting guest contests owned by others, notably Corazon Leather.  NMLL had participation from many other local organizations, vendors, and venues.  At its peak, the events were held at the large airport hotel (Crown Plaza, Sheraton).  The organization, like many others, has been punctuated with great success and slow periods, in the end providing great benefit to the New Mexico community.  More recently in 2024, NMLL held a small "Albukinky" event at Purgatory Dungeon in place of Spring Pandemonium.

Sources: Multiple members, board members of NMLL, and at

boy randy 1.jpg


New Mexico Leathermen's Network

New Mexico Leathermen's Network was a short-lived online community set up by Boy Randy, aka PosLeather, that provided a means for gay leathermen of New Mexico to network and connect with each other.  The site defined "leathermen" as a generic term to represent gay men who are into the extreme BDSM/fetish lifestyle.  The website included a discussion forum, calendar, personalized photo profiles, and a links section. The site referenced other contemporary organizations (Leather Wolves, AEL, NM:TNG, Desert Pandemonium, Rio Grande Leather, Pride Gym).

Sources: on (2005-15Aug2006).


nmfl - 2.jpg

New Mexico Fetlifers (NMFL)

New Mexico FetLifers (NMFL) was founded in November 2008 by Sera Miles.  It produced monthly classes, socials, and parties, until September 2014. NMFL produced the “Evolution of the Revolution" (EvoRevo) conference which hosted national speakers and held at a large local casino hotel. NMFL’s inaugural Board included Brittany Vick and Saint St James (Eldest Saint). Kim Wright joined the team in 2010; all three then served through the duration of NMFL’s life.  NMFL held almost 100 events in its five and a half years including play parties, conferences, workshops, and social gathering.  NMFL's many regular educational and social events (1-3 hour) called "Providing Education with Respect and Vision" (PERV) charged a small fee.  NMFL developed and strengthened bonds with the larger queer, trans, drag, and HIV-prevention communities, all who identified as kinky, Leather, BDSM, and/or fetishist; as well as to folks curious about the lifestyle.  NMFL’s main goals were to support the growth of groups and events for folks living outside of the heteronormative paradigm, and to change the impression of, conversation around, and access to information about kink and BDSM, in Albuquerque and beyond. NMFL chose to remove their group on Fetlife once the organization ceased operations.

Sources: Sera Miles, Eldest Saint, on (2011-2014).

Pin NMFL.png
DLF Logo.jpg


Deaf Leather Fraternity (DLF)

The Deaf Leather Fraternity (DLF) exists to serve the men of the Deaf/hearing Leather and S/M community that are based on principles  of Love, Honor and Trust.  "Five Deaf Leather Men got together and brainstormed a new concept of leather brotherhood in the Deaf community.   We realized we need a fraternity organization specifically for Deaf Leather Men, and hearing leather men are also welcome.  The DLF was incorporated on October 29, 2007."  Their inclusive brotherhood membership is based upon requirements of male identifying; Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing; Gay or Straight; 21 years old or older; and a strong desire in leather.  They held "International Deaf Leather Contest" in the past, but that event is not currently active.  New Mexico has a strong deaf community, in part due to a school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Santa Fe.  DLF has many members here in New Mexico and they have held DLF leather runs in New Mexico.

Deaf Leather Fraternity members on Church Street, Albuquerque, NM, for their September 2023 DLF Run.

Deaf Leather Fraternity (DLF) members on Church Street, Albuquerque, NM, for their September 2023 DLF Run.

Sources: DLF Members,, also on (2011-).


Albuquerque Leather Daddys

Albuquerque Leather Daddys (ALD) was established in 2011 after a number of the Leather Wolves members left that organization.  ALD was a group of friends not governed by bylaws, owned by Ruben Gallegos and Alpha boy Rex, and organized by a committee of about 6-10 members.  ALD included both Doms (Daddys) and subs (boys). They held regular Gear Nights at Sidewinders Ranch (8900 Central Ave SE) on the 1st Saturdays of the month. They also held Leather Curious educational events, munches, and play parties.  From their official founding in 2011 and throughout their existence, they produce many fantasies and stage entertainment activities at Sidewinders, including some events that drew the largest attendance outside of Pride weekend.  Their "Southwest Leather Fair - Route 69" was typically held in April or May each year and included performances, vendors, demos, auctions, mini fetish contests, and game booths.

Events they organized brought in national leather personalities including Mama Sand Reinhardt, Dave Rhodes - Leather Journal, and multiple porn stars. Their eventual signature event was bar attendee involvement in a themed competition with votes from audience determining the winner.  ALD provided donation of thousands of dollars to local charities such as Casa Q and Southwest Care. They held a number of leather runs including trips to Truth or Consequences including visits to artist Delmas Howe.  In the last few years of their activities , they started holding a Leather Bear / Leather Cub Contest, produced by John Skelton, that had a short run of titles in 2017-2019.  ALD produced floats for many Albuquerque Pride parades.  ALD, like many organizations, paused during the 2020 Pandemic.  Owners of ALD decided to cease operations of the group in 2021 rather than return to operations after the Pandemic.

Albuquerque Leather Daddys - Member Patch
Albuquerque Leather Daddys with Delmas Howe in front of Delmas' Autobiographical Mural.

Albuquerque Leather Daddys standing wtih Delmas Howe in front of Delmas' Autobiographical Mural. Left: ?, Rex, Corey Delmas, Ruben, John, Charles.


Albuquerque Leather Daddys, 2019,  and others with Sidewinders Owner and Casa Q management and donation to Casa Q from their Leather Fair event.  Left: John, Tim, Phil, Magnum, Ruben, Casa Q mgr, Mike & Rene Estacio-Burdick (Sidewinder Owners), Tom, Jer Bear, Marvin, Rex.

Albuquerque Leather Daddys - Southwest Leather Fair - 2019
Albuquerque Leather Daddys, 2019, Sidewinders ABQ Eagle

Albuquerque Leather Daddys and friends, 2019, patch presentation, Sidewinders ABQ Eagle back bar.  Left: Tim, slave dennis, Marvin (background), Jer Bear, Corey (background), Ben, Ruben (background), John Skelton, Michael Estacio-Burdick (background), Magnum, Adrian Thompson, Brian Tuffnell.

Albuquerque Leather Daddys - Pride Parade Float 2012

Albuquerque Leather Daddys - Pride Parade float 2012.  Left Top: Charles Seigh, Jamie Shelton, Robert, Ruben, Samson Jacob, John Skelton, Tim, Mauro Walden-Montoya, Julian Wolf (back head turned to side), Michael Perea.  Left Bottom: ?, Rex, Miles Padruig, Jamie Denison, Andy Walden-Montoya, Mateo Perea.

Albuquerque Leather Daddys, Pride Parade float, 2018.

Albuquerque Leather Daddys and friends - Pride Parade float 2018.  Left on float: Joe, Master Dennis, Mauro Walden Montoya, ? (background), Charles, ?, Magnum, Bear Mike, Allen, Ruben, Rex, Brian T, Adrian. Left standing in front of float: John Skelton, Glen, Jer Bear, ?, Tim, Tom (looking to side), ?, ? (pony).  Kneeling left: Andy Walden-Montoya, Robert, ?, Cory G, ? (pony).

Fantasy: Do What It Takes - video. Ruben Gallegos, Bear Mike, Bear Marvin. Albuquerque Leather Daddys, Southwest Leather Fair, 2019, Sidewinders Ranch.

Fantasy: Looking for a Daddy - video. Ruben Gallegos, Magnum, John Skelton, Fermine. Albuquerque Leather Daddys, Southwest Leather Fair, 2019, Sidewinders Ranch.

Albuquerque Leather Daddys & Friends, outing.

Sources: Multiple NM Leather Daddy members, community members, on,

Albuqerque boys of Leather (Abol) patch
NM Community Service Aware from Southwest Leather Bear Weekend, 2015, to Albuqueque boys of Leather (AboL)


Albuquerque boys of Leather (AboL)

Albuquerque boys of Leather (AboL) focused on safe space for submissives in the Leather community.   Their Facebook page stated, "AboL is a group of leatherboys based in Albuquerque, NM. AboL gathers in boyhood and brotherhood to support our members and to serve our community through Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, and Service without regard to gender, orientation, or appearance."


They held multiple events for themselves and in cooperation with Albuquerque Leather Daddys.  For a time they had "Leather boys present First Thursdays" at Sidewinders Ranch.  Service was a primary tenant in AboL culture, as noted by the motto, "willing & AboL!"   This organization had some great times along with periods of instability, essentially shutting down in the organization due to the 2020 Pandemic. Their last general meeting was February 6, 2020 at Sidewinders Ranch. Uncle Jaie (Davis) maintained hopes of restarting this group, but with his passing in 2024, that may not be realized.

Albuquerque Boys of Leather and freinds at Sidewinders Ranch, 5 Aug 2017.

Albuquerque boys of Leather and friends, 5 Aug 2017, at Sidewinders Ranch.  Left-right: ? (on Andy's knee), ? (background), Andy Walden-Montoya, Mateo Perea (arm around Andy's other leg), ?, Tom Lang, Bear Mike, ?, Uncle Jaie (arm around Bear Mike's knee), ?,  Boi Danny, Ro St James (kneeling below Boi Danny), ?.

Albuquerque boys of Leather (AboL), Los Ranchos Pride, 2018

Albuquerque boys of Leather and friends, 2018, Los Ranchos Pride.  Left-right: Andy Walden-Montoya, Dallas, Jaie Davis (sitting), Ro St James, Joshua Lovato, Faustino Gallegos (sitting), Boi Danny.  Adrian Thompson to the side (Albuquerque Leather Daddy).


Albuquerque boys of Leather and friends, 6 Feb 2016.  Casa Q benefit by Corazon Leather 2015.  From left top: Joshua Lovato, Duke RuvShon, Mars Hall, Andy Walden-Montoya, Wade.  From left kneeling: Caylub White, Jamie Denison, Miles Padruig, Abraham Aba Ortiz, ?. 


Albuquerque boys of Leather and friends, 2017, Cararo's & Joes Place.  From left top: ?, ?, ?, Boi Danny, Bear Mike, Andy Walden-Montoya, ?, Julian Wolf, Jaie Davis, Ivan Griego.  Lower from left: Mateo Perea, Ro St James, Tom Lang, ?.

Sources: AboL members, Facebook accounts,


Sandia Bears

Sandia Bears is "A non-profit fundraising club for gay men self-identifying as Bears and their admirers, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico."  This group is an offshoot of Bears of Mañana, a group that did not have the formal structure needed for philanthropy.  Sandia Bears was formed with charity in mind.

They have held events at Sidewinders, coordinated attendance at bear events, ​pride, and munches.  They were recognized as a non-profit corporation by NM Secretary of State on 15 Aug 2007, with directors being Tony Carson, Joe (Jay) Justice, and Lee Mitchell.  Jay was the primary energy in the group. Other members include Lee Mitchell, Bruce Caruthers, and Ben Martinez. They held fundraisers the second Sunday of every month at Sidewinders and welcomed membership to any gay man. They were and offshoot and affiliated with their brother club, the Bears of Mañana, and went on outings with them.  Their website went dark after 2009 and their non-profit status is no longer active. 

They held American Bear Awakening (ABA), the Bare Bones Bear Run for several years  in Albuquerque in cooperation with Bears of Mañana.   One of their contests for the 2010 Mr. Rise & Shine Bear, won by Kevin Richenstein.  There was also a 2009 American Bear Awakening title.

Sources: on (2008-2009),,  D Tony Carson, Facebook, NM Secretary of State Business Search.

Sandia Bears, Logo, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sandia Bears, Beer Bust Poster, Sidewinders Ranch, 2007

Sandia Bears, beer bust poster, 2007.

Patch - MAsT.png


Masters And slaves Together

Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) is an international organization supporting the Master/slave community.  MAsT Albuquerque chapter is a pansexual support and discussion group for those interested in the Master-Mistress/slave, Dominant/submissive or Power Exchange relationship. Persons of any gender and sexual orientation are welcome.  It was started in 2014 as a collaboration of Laydy Golden, slave Lou, and Xander.

Sources: MAsT Albuquerque.


Osos of Rio Grande

Osos of Rio Grande is a gay men's group focused upon bears who inhabit the Rio Grande Valley and are interested in group outings, events, and merriment.  


Pin - Osos of the Rio Grande 500.jpg
Osos of Rio Grande at Balloon Fiesta, 2017
nm rope bite 500.jpg


New Mexico Rope Bite

New Mexico Rope Bite is a community of rope and bondage enthusiasts in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and throughout New Mexico, with local events organized by various members. Their goal is to get bondage-centric people together in a fun atmosphere, so we can share our skills and network with each other. 

Sources: Fetlife.


Albuquerque Leather & Kink (ALK)

Albuquerque Leather & Kink (ALK) is a Meetup-based group with stated purpose to provide service as an inclusive centralized meetup forum to announce and coordinate participation in leather, kink, and BDSM events and activities for Albuquerque and New Mexico.  It includes more distant events that are larger or relevant to the NM population.  It was started by Bear Mike in collaboration with Julian Addams-Wolf when Bear Mike noticed the local BDSM and alternative lifestyle groups were not sharing events in a way that was easy for the interested public to find.  In September 2018 it had 200 subscribers and over 1000 in 2024.  ALK primarily reflects other events and information, holding few of its own events.

Sources: Bear Mike, live and also on

Patch - DCC 1 - 600.jpg


Domum Corium Cordis (DCC)
House of Leather Heart

Domum Corium Cordis (DCC) is Latin for House of Leather Heart.  This is a leather family house centered in Albuquerque, NM, established in 2018 with the primary values of Family, Integrity, and Altruism.  Co-heads of house are Bear Marvin and Bear Mike.  Five other members and large number of friends, including other leather houses, that have demonstrated consistency in house values.

Sources: DCC members, Fetlife.


Onyx Men of Color

Onyx Men of Color started its presence in 2019 new Mexico by Bear Marvin (Lash Onyx) and Bear Mike (Poppa Savant Onyx) as Albuquerque residents with membership in the Lone Star Chapter.  Other Albuquerque-based members joining the chapter include Orthus Onyx, Minotaur Onyx, Lestat Onyx, and Fire Onyx.  They hold Gear Night at Sidewinders Bar & Grill on the 3rd Saturday, munches every two months, "invasions," and other events.  They started events at Sidewinders Ranch, including their Onyx Black & White Fetish Ball in February 2020.  More broadly, Onyx Men of Color is a national organization founded in 1995 around the Chicago area to provide education and serve as a bridge for BIPOC men to the greater Leather Community. Their mission is to educate and empower gay and bi-sexual men of color who explore the Leather Lifestyle.  National Onyx Men holds a run every two years entitled "Blackout" that is open to everyone.

Sources: Albuquerque Onyx members,

onyx oval only 350.jpg
Onyx Black & White Fetish Ball, Albuquerque, Sidewinders Ranch, February 2020

Onyx Black & White Fetish Ball, Albuquerque, Sidewinders Ranch, February 2020.

Onyx Black & White Fetish Ball, Albuquerque, Sidewinders Ranch, February 2020

Onyx Black & White Fetish Ball, Albuquerque, Sidewinders Ranch, February 2020. Top row left: Jinx, ?, ?, Vincent, Rowan. Bottom left: ?, Bear Marvin, Magnum, Bear Mike, Brian Tuffnell-Thompson, Michael Estacio-Burdick.

FCCK logo 1 500.jpg


Four Corners Collective Kink (FCCK)

Four Corners Collective Kink (FCCK) is a group in Farmington, NM serving the Four Corners area of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.  ​As a private group, they state dedication to providing space for a safe and fun way to explore, enjoy, and educate all things kink,  within their comfort zones. FCCK is an offshoot of The Four Corners Players Group.

Sources: FCCK members, Fetlife.


Women in New Mexico Kink (WINK)

Women in New Mexico Kink (WINK) creates space for women and non-binary people of all gender expressions and sexual orientations within the New Mexico kink and BDSM community.  Tenets of the organization are Empowerment, Kink Education, and Sisterhood.  They hold munches, periodic workshops, and play parties.  Men are not allowed as members, but are allowed to join workshops and play parties as plus-ones.  Their primary organization is on Fetlife.  Events are usually held in Albuquerque.

Sources: penny_head (Fetlife),


Duke City Pups and Handlers (DC-PAH)

Duke City Pups and Handlers (DC-PAH) is focused on creating safe space and events for the pups and handlers community.  It is a membership organization supporting the puppy lifestyle in and around the great Albuquerque metro area.  They hold events at Sidewinders.

Sources: DC-PAH members.

Pin - Duke City PAH 500.jpg
Patch - NM-REAL 600.jpg


New Mexico Respect Ethics Acceptance in Leather, Inc (NM-REAL)

New Mexico Respect Ethics Acceptance in Leather, Inc., (NM-REAL) is a 501c3 public charity​ with strong bylaws and code of conduct.  Its purposes include educational, charitable, outreach, community leadership by example, focused on the alternative lifestyle communities that include all genders and sexualities.  It is intended as an organization to bring community together helping individuals and other community organizations.  This is a pansexual organization.  Its foundations began in 2022 and formalized in 2023 by four board members that left another organization.  Many others joined in crafting structure.  Tax-exempt status was granted in 2024.

Sources: NM-REAL members, Fetlife,


Breakfast Bears

Breakfast Bear is a group in Albuquerque started by Karl Whaley in 2023​.  It's just a group of friends having breakfast once a month on a weekend. Everyone is welcome. 

Sources: Facebook.

Other Groups

Other groups influential on New Mexico Leather & Alternative communities include the following:

Common Bond, or Common Bond New Mexico Foundation, is a group in Albuquerque that ( The mission of the Common Bond is to strengthen the LGBTQ+ community of New Mexico through programs and partnerships that serve at risk sectors of the LGBTQ+ population.  They have or in the past held a library of gay history.

Hearts of the West Motorrcycle Club was in Santa Fe, NM (Source: Drummer Magazine #114, #116, 1987) and listed in the same issues as Hijos Del Sol, Motorcyclemen of NM, and People Exchanging Power (PEP).

Groups and open social activities are not for everyone.  There have been many alternative lifestyle, leather, and kinksters, that have practiced their lifestyle and created safe space in private.  We leave these to the privacy they seek and enjoy - but they do influence the broader culture.​

Note: The history compilation on this page is courtesy of and Copyright 2024, Domum Corium Cordis, House of Leather Heart.

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