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History of New Mexico Leather
& Alternative Communities

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History is a foundation that helps us approach the future with more understanding.  Awareness of history helps us realize not just what came before us, but also understand how things have changed, are changing, what was attempted, successes, struggles, and the great time had by many in alternative lifestyle communities.  It reminds us that time passes by quickly and to be sure to be kind as you travel through your journey through these alternative communities.


Our community events are times to gather and celebrate our freedom to express our alternative lifestyles in safe spaces, socialize and enjoy.  While many smaller, even recurring, events are held in our community by groups, venues, and individuals, we may not focus here on those.  Here we will consider events that are stationary, nomadic - wandering locations with their clan.  We also consider events that are so significant, that they stand alone from the group that runs them. These include title events.  They might be owned by an individual and passed along over time,  or move from group to group.   Some events are more like groups, recurring without any overseeing organized structure other than the community service from an individual or set of people.

Pin - Motorcyclemen of New Mexico, 1984-1993, Dick Marleau


Hot Air - Motorcycle Men of NM (MMNM)

Pin - Motorcyclemen of New Mexico, 1992-1997, Dennis Dunnum

Motorcyclemen of New Mexico (MMNM) held a biker run in Albuquerque called "Hot Air" which was held at the same time of the year as the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, from 1984 through 1997.  This timing was also a celebration of their full registration as a non-profit. It was usually centered at the De Anza Motor Lodge, a historic motel built in 1939 located at 4305 Central Ave NE in Albuquerque, where gathering and play parties took place.  They also used another hotel at the corner of Central and San Mateo. MMNM held poker runs through town to pick up playing cards at various locations - those with the highest poker hand would win prizes.  Other clubs that came to Hot Air included Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Club (RMCC), which was like a brother club to MMNM, Border Riders, City Bikers (Denver), Satyricons (Las Vegas, NV), and Castaways (Milwaukee, WI).   Hot air was no longer held as the interest and participation in MMNM declined after 1997.  Another run that MMNM attended was RMCC's Golden Fleece Run in Colorado.  See the GROUPS page for more information about MMNM.

1986: 5th Anniversary for Hot Air.

1991: 11-14 October.

1993: Hot Air IX, 10th Anniversary of MMNM.  "Leather Shed" event 16 October.

1994: 7-10 October.

Sources: Dennis Dunnum, Leslie Anderson, Casey Newkirk,<year>.

De-Anza Motor Lodge Sign Leather Background
Motorcyclemen of New Mexico, 1983, 2nd Anniversary, GFR XII


New Mexico Drummer / Drummerboy

New Mexico Drummer / Drummerboy was produced by the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico.  Mr. Drummer was the predominant contest at this time, before IML existed.  Some time after Pat Sanchez won the event he started producing Mr Drummer New Mexico.  Energy for this title merged into the Mr/Ms New Mexico title at a time where Drummer Magazine was sold to a different company resulting in turmoil about 1995-1996.

New Mexico Drummer Titleholders:

1991 - Pat Sanchez (Mr Motorcyclemen NM).

  • Pat was reported to be 1st Runner up in this contest, but must have moved to the full title.  Pat went on to win Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991, then compete in Drummer 1991.  He was a judge at IML 1994.  He also co-produced the Southwest Regional Drummer in 1994.

1991 - Lenard Martinez (Mr).

1992 - Chuck Floyd (Mr)

  • Chuck raised $16,500 for the New Mexico Association of People Living With AIDS building fund for a new center by hosting a two-day auction and flea market in June. 

1993 - Steve Benoit (Mr), James Danforth (Drummerboy).

1994 - Dominick Zurlo (Mr), 2nd place at Southwest Drummer in 1994.


1991 -

1992 -

1993 -

1994, 15-16 April, Pat Sanchez contact (Drummer 172)

Sources: Leslie Anderson, Dominick Zurlo, Internet. (2000-2001), (),<year>,<issue#>.pdf.

Drummer Magazine, Issue 150, Page 64, Pat Sanchez, Mr Southwest Drummer 1991

Mr. Drummer Contest coverage in Drummer Magazine, Issue 150, Page 64, showing Pat Sanchez, Mr. New Mexico Drummer 1991, Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991, in his unsuccessful run for the national Mr. Drummer.


New Mexico Fantasy

Mr New Mexico Fantasy was a title of Sandia Leathermen and Sandia Leatherwomen produced for a few years that would feed into an International Mr. Fantasy Leather Contest, likely an offshoot of the Drummer contest.  The second International Mr. Fantasy Leather, 1996, was Kevin Watson, from Albuquerque, NM, also involved in the rodeo.  Many of his fantasies included Leslie Anderson.  Kevin was on the cover of Issue #87 of The Leather Journal.  See more from Issue 87.  Many Sandia Leathermen traveled with Kevin Watson to Omaha in July 1996.  Kevin's fantasy was a "sizzling cowboy scene featuring a lazy ranch-hand and an angry owner determined to teach him a thing or two" including "some fancy ropework and a finale with a branding iron (wielded by Kevin)."  Some events were in DC's Saloon in Omaha.

International Mr Fantasy Leather Contest was held in Omaha, NE, staring in August 1995, operated by Dustin Logan’s Fantasy Productions of Omaha, Nebraska.  The contest categories were Prejudging (interview, closed to general public), Fantasy Wear (you are encouraged to be creative), On-Stage Question and Answer, Fantasy, and a “Mystery” category.   Other event events include meet-the-contestants Welcome Party, Sexual Scavenger Hunt, seminars, demonstrations, after-hours party, farewell brunch, and afternoon softball game.

New Mexico Fantasy Titles:

1995 - ?

1996 - Kevin Watson (Mr. NM Fantasy & International Mr. Fantasy)

1997 - Jayson DaBoi Johnson (Ms. NM Fantasy)  [Mona Cleveland??]

1998 - ?

Sources: Leslie Anderson, Dominick Zurlo, (particularly July, August 1996).

Kevin Watson, International Mr. Fantasy 1996.

Kevin Watson, International Mr. Fantasy 1996.

Patch - Ms NM Fantasy 1997, Jayson DaBoi Johnson
Patch - Mr NM Leather 1997, D Dennum
Pin - Heavy Metal, New Mexico Leather 1998, D Dennum.png
Pin = NM On Fire 1996, D Dennum.png
Pin - High Voltage, New Mexico Leather 1997
New Mexico Leather 1996.

NM Leather 1996.  (left) Leslie Anderson, Wolf, James Collins, Kevin Watson, James Peters, ?.  Picture from Leslie Anderson.

Mr & Ms New Mexico Leather 1997, Dennis Dunnum & Diva Marie, with James Collins on left and Leslie Anderson on right.unnum

NM Leather 1997.  (left) James Collins, Diva Marie, Dennis Dunnum, Leslie Anderson.

New Mexico Leather 1997 Contest Group Photo

NM Leather 1997 group photo.

Shannon McAlexander & Tristan Tyler, Ms. & Mr. New Mexico Leatherfest, 1995, From New Mexico Newsleather, Nov 1995, issue #2, by Casey Newkirk.

From New Mexico Newsleather, Nov 1995, issue #2, by Casey Newkirk.

Patch - New Mexico Mr Leather 2004, Jayson DaBoi Johnson


New Mexico Mr./Ms. Leather
New Mexico Mr./Ms. Leatherfest

Coming into existence as the Drummer Magazine title was becoming less popular, New Mexico Mr Leather was a title produced by Sandia Leathermen until 2000, and for a time, Black Leather Weekend by HPL Productions of Colorado.  See the GROUPS page for more about them.  This contest was open to all men, regardless of sexuality.  Dennis Dunnum, Mr Leather 1997 went to IML that year, coming in sixth when he was 54 years old. Many of the NM Leather events had a themed name (New Mexico on Fire, High Voltage, Heavy Metal, etc.) that was reflected on the stage decorations and represented on the event pin.

Leatherfest was an event held in October starting in 1992, celebrating leather during time of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  There was a gap in events at this time because the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico (MMNM) were slowing down in production of their Air run at this time.  Leatherfest title contests were held, a less formal contest considered to be a practice run for NM Leather title contests.


In 2003, various combination of Mr./Ms. NM Leather titles were registered as trademark in New Mexico by James Torbet, Steven Wearden, Scott Allen Scott, Major Gardner, and Chuck Higgins.  This was in response to HPL Productions of Colorado coming in to take over this title after Sandia Leathermen disbanded.  There was some displeasure that group took over this title activity <seeking more information on this>.

Mr./Ms. New Mexico Leather titles produced by Sandia Leathermen:

1994 - Matt Lopez (Mr) [First contestant in IML from NM, 1994].

1995 - Lady Willow (Ms) (2nd runner up @ Int Ms Leather), Buddy LaRue (Mr) (was 9th at IML 1995)

1996 - James Collins (Mr), Leslie Anderson (Ms).

"New Mexico on Fire" theme, Leslie went on to be American Leatherwoman 1997 and International Ms. Bootblack 1999.  James obtained 12th place at IML.

1997 - Dennis Dunnum (Mr), Diva Marie (Ms).

"High Voltage" theme, Dennis went to IML and obtained 6th place.  Diva Marie was 3rd place at IMsL.

1998 - Kevin Watson (Mr), Mistress Sky (Ms).

"Heavy Metal" theme, Kevin became International Mr. Fanasy 1996.

1999 - Alen Pfannenstiel (Mr), Kathryn Alexander (Ms).

2001 - No Title (Sandia Leathermen had shut down).

New Mexico Leatherfest titles produced by Sandia Leathermen:

1995 - Shannon McAlexander (Ms), Tristan Tyler (Mr).

1998 - Leatherfest was held

1991 - 11-13 October, Albuquerque Leatherfest/Sandia Leathermen/ (Drummer #150)

Titles produced by Black Leather Weekend, precursor to and overlap with Rio Grande Leather:

2002 - Leo Suarez (Mr).

2003 - Lori Ellison (Ms), Major Gardner (Mr).

Lori obtained International Ms. Leather 2004.  Major went to IML in 2003.

2004 - Jayson DaBoi Johnson (Mr).

Sources: Leslie Anderson, Dominick Zurlo, Jayson DaBoi Johnson, Dennis Dunnum, Chuck Higgins, NM Secretary of State Trademark Search, Internet,,<issue#>.pdf.


Black Leather Weekend

Also known as LeatherCamp, Black Leather Weekend, was run by a group in Colorado, "HPL Productions of Colorado" in response to the disbanding of Sandia Leathermen/Leatherwomen in running the Mr./Ms. New Mexico Leather titles.  The event organized classes, a dungeon, vendors, and the continuation of the Mr./Ms. New Mexico Leather titles.  Vendors included High Plains Leathers and Strictly Leather.

Establishment of this event by persons from Colorado did not sit well with some in the New Mexico community. In 2003, various combination of Mr./Ms. NM Leather titles were registered as trademark in New Mexico by James Torbet, Steven Wearden, Scott Allen Scott, Major Gardner (2003 titleholder), and Chuck Higgins.  


2001 - March 23-25:  featured a Black Leather Banquet and a Black Leather Fantasy Show along with workshops and seminars.

​2002 - March 22-24, at Holiday Inn

2003 - 17-19 October

2004 - Cancelled.  <Not constant with issuance of the 2004 title.>

Sources: on, Major Gardner, Chuck Higgins, State of New Mexico Secretary of State Trademark Search,<year>.

Black Leather Weekend - New Mexico, Logo
2002 Leather Sir Patch
Leather Wolves BBQ at Albuquerque Mining Company, with 2002 Leathersir patch


New Mexico Leather Sir

New Mexico LeatherSir, was a short-lived event.  We have little information on this other than a cookout picture from the Leather Wolves archived website with the patched individual behind the smoke of the BBQ.  We extracted the patch from this image.  Leslie Anderson is talking to this individual by the BBQ but does not recall the details.  If you have more information, let us know!

From the Leather Wolves website capture 18Apr2003:

"Where there's smoke there's...Leather Wolves?  On Sunday April 13th at the Albuquerque Mining Company there were.  About 30 folks gathered to eat their own (and others') meat, cooked on the grill to perfection for us by Jim.  They say the secret's in the sauce.  But they don't say how you get the sauce out of the cook.  Hmmmm.  Bet you can think of at least one way!"

Sources: (2003-2011) and (2003-2007) on


Desert Pandemonium → Spring Pandemonium

In October 2003, a group of kinky-minded Albuquerque folks got together and decided to host one hell of a dungeon. It went so well that they decided to make it an annual event.  The next official event was held October 15, 2004, 9 pm-2 am as Desert Pandemonium 2004 at Pride Gym, 1803 3rd St NW in Albuquerque, which was the same weekend as New Mexico's Annual Leather Weekend, renamed to Rio Grande Leather.  A Meet & Greet Cocktail Party was held at Albuquerque Mining Company.  They sold tickets at The Cafe Next Door, AEL Power Munch, and Sandia Women's Dinner.   The event included demos, NM Mr. Leather 2004, Major. 


In 2005, this event was titled Spring Pandemonium, a long-weekend collaboration of Desert Pandemonium and Rio Grande Leather.  Events started Thursday March 10th at Emmanuel Metropolitan Community Church (314 Dallas NE), Julian Wolf lead a discussion about lifestyle, protocol, play party etiquette and the BDSM community.  Friday March 11th, 2005, there was an informal mixer at Albuquerque Mining Company (AMC).  The dungeon play party was Pride Gym 9 pm-2 am.  Demos started the activity at 930-10 pm.  The next day on Saturday, a full day of workshops occurred 10 am-4 pm at AMC.  This was followed by the Mr. Rio Grande Leather contest 7-10 pm at The Ranch (8900 Central NE) and fantasies at The Ranch 8-930 pm, and victory party 10-1130 pm.  On Sunday they held "Beauty & the Brunch" at Exhale (3162 4th St NW) that featured a fetish ware fashion show.

Sources: on (2004-2006).


Mr. / Ms. Rio Grande Leather

Owned by Steve Wearden,

It is notable that Tyler McCormick, the 2010 titleholder became International Mr Leather that year, the only IML from New Mexico.

In 24 May 2006, RGL website shows that contents are copyright NMLL, and in 2010 was again independent.


2004 - October 15-16

2005 - October 14-16

2006 - October 20-22

2007 - October 19-21

2008 - October 17-19

2009 -

2010 -

2011 - October 14-16 (planned but not held)

Title Holders:

2004 - Ruben Gallegos (Mr), Julian Wolf (Ms) [Ruben went to IML, 2004].

2005 - Stacey Wadley (Ms), Leo Suarez (of Cloudcroft) (Mr).

2006 - 

2007 - Dread Pirate Drew (Mr).

2008 - Crreature (Mr), Kelli (bear) (Ms).

2009 - Craig Dill (Mr), Mistress Sky (Ms).

2010 - Tyler McCormick (Mr), Jayson DaBoi (Ms) [Tyler was first disabled, trans at IML, and won IML 2010].

<more soon>

Sources: Tyler McCormick, on

Rio Grand Leather - New Mexico, Logo
Patch, Ms Rio Grande Leather 2010, Tyler McCormick
Patch, Ms Rio Grande Leather 2009, Mistress Sky
American Bear Awakening, Bear, Logo
American Bear Awakening, event logo text


American Bear Awakening (ABA)

American Bear Awakening (ABA), 2010, Albuquerque, NM, Mr. Rise 'N Shine Bear 2010

From Left: Mr Rise & Shine Bear 2010, Kevin Reichenstein, ?.

American Bear Awakening (ABA), 2010, Albuquerque, NM, Mr. Rise 'N Shine Bear 2010

American Bear Awakening, also the Bare Bones Bear Run, in Albuquerque was organized in cooperation between the Sandia Bears and Bears of Mañana.  See the GROUPS page for more about them.  This included a contest that included titles of Mr. Rise & Shine Bear and American Bear Awakening.  Other typical events included activities such as these: Bear Ho'Down and Meet-N-Greet, Sandia Tram Ride, Old Town Museum & Shopping, Bear Splash-N-Que, Swimming and BBQ, Bear Fusion Dance, Acoma Sky City Pueblo Casino Tour, Madrid NM Tour, Bear Blast, Bear-eoke, Guild Cinema.

ABA Events:

2006: ?

  • Titles: Ruben Gallegos, NM N Shine Bear; Kelly Peeples, NM Rise N Shine Cub <?>

2007: 8-11 March 2027 (American Bear Awakening II)

  • Titles: ?

  • Sheraton Uptown

2008: 3-6 April 2008 (American Bear Awakening III)

  • Titles: ?

  • Howard Johnsons, Eubank & I40

2009: 2-5 April 2009 (American Bear Awakening IV)

  • Titles: <name>, American Bear Awakening

  • Sandia Courtyard Hotel

2010: ?

  • Titles: Kevin Reichenstein, Mr. Rise & Shine Bear.

From Left: ?, D Tony Carson, Kevin Reichenstein (Mr Rise & Shine Bear 2010), Bill Ziegler.

Patch, Mr. Rise 'N Shine Bear 2010, American Bear Awakening (ABA), 2010, Albuquerque, NM
American Bear Awakening (ABA), 2010, Albuquerque, NM, Mr. Rise 'N Shine Bear 2010, American Bear Awakening Patch 2009
American Bear Awakening, Poster, 2-5 April 2009
American Bear Awakening video ad, 2009, Animated GIF

American Bear Awakening IV: I'm going, RU?


American Bear Awakening IV: Who's Going?

Sources: on (no content found), Facebook, on (2007-2009), on (2008-2009),, NM Secretary of State Business Search, Facebook, YouTube /,,,


Evolution Revolution 3 Logo

Evolution of the Revolution (EvoRevo)

Evolution of the Revolution (EvoRevo) was a series of large highly-regarded, upscale events held by the New Mexico Fetlifers (NMFL).  All three were held at Hard Rock Casino (now Isleta Resort & Casino) south of Albuquerque. This event brought in nationally-known guest educators and speakers including John Baku, Jay Wiseman, Mistress Serene (RIP), Dr Clockwork, Deborah Hoffman-Wade, Max Rulz, Simon Blaise, Danielle DV8, and Guy Baldwin.  In 2011, the Carter-Johnson Leather Library was at EvoRevo along with Mama Vi Johnson and boy Robi, the farthest west the Library has been at that time.  EvoRevo also had vendors, classes, cocktail parties, a kinky townhall, and dungeon play party.  There is no remaining group on Fetlife as it was removed by the creators.

EvoRevo 1 - Sept 17-18, 2010

EvoRevo 2 - Sept 16-17, 2011

EvoRevo 3 - Sept 14-16, 2012

EvoRevo events were regarded as high-end and sophisticated events at the best facilities and with the best accommodations.  The community may not have been able to support such events, which may have contributed to no further events being held.  There was some worry from those outside EvoRevo and NM Fetlifers, such as from NMLL, at the time, that Sera's events were over-saturating the event capacity of the region.

Sources: Sera Miles, Eldest Saint, on, community members.

New Mexico Fetlifers, Logo
Albuquerque Press Club


Albuquerque WET-MUNCH

Starting with community interest in 2010, Albuquerque WET-MUNCH came into being via Connyfornia, Ms.B,  Kim, and others.  In 2010, Ms.B started a Sunday Coffee Munch held twice a month at the Flying Star on Wyoming & Paseo del Norte.  After loss of a venue and a pause, Kim renamed the event WET-MUNCH, resurrecting it briefly until venue issues and a dormant period.  Briana, Daniel, and Conny brought it back in 2012 At Albuquerque Press Club (APC), April 1st, 2012.  WET-MUNCH moved around looking for stable venues and community interest, finding the Albuquerque Press Club (The Whittlesey House) in 2012-2018.  They held cookouts and educational events, some coordinated by Jinx.  The event served a pansexual community with strong hetro focus.  In 2018, the event moved to NM Clubhouse space.  Next was Carraro's & Joe's Place, a great dive bar followed by Quarter Celtic Brewpub in 2019.  After seven and a half years, leadership transferred to Genie, who eventually moved the event to Billy's Long Bar.  The 2020 Pandemic brought the last event in March 2020.

Source: Fetlife, Albuquerque WET-MUNCH, Conny Attendee experience.


Rio Rancho (RR) Munch - Fetlife

Munch time in RR, NM Local Fetlifers, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Rio Rancho Munch or RR Munch, was started by BitchInHeels in 2014, taken over in 2022 by LittleBratOfRR after BitchInHeels left the area.  It is associated with a Fetlife group, "RR, NM Local Fetlifers."  The attendance is variable but on average very well blended between straight, gay, pan, trans, queer, etc., now held at a bistro in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  LittleBratOfRR is a warm inclusive host, catering to an attendance of 25-50.  This is a munch to enjoy good food, drink, and conversations in a safe space for kinksters.   This event focuses on comradery and having a munch.  There are no speakers or other activities, except holidays where there might be an optional themed experience.

Source: LittleBratOfRR, Fetlife, Attendee experience.


Corazón Leather Contest

Corazón Leather Contest has awarded two titles per year, if the two top contestants obtains the minimum required score.  This was the first pansexual event in the region.  Gender honorifics were provided based upon the winning contestants. This title event was started by Andrew Walden-Montoya and originally supported by New Mexico Leather League, who had it at their events.  In 2023, event ownership was transferred to Jayson DaBoi Johnson, who held the event at Social Club.  Jayson removed gender from the awarded titles and added more requirements for cross-community service.

2015 - Brooke Zeno (NoZKitten) (Ms), Joseph Burke (Mr)

2016 - Jinx the Lynx (Ms), Ninjetkitty (Ms) [Airport hotel]

2017 - Ty the Gentleman (Mr) [Airport hotel]

2018 - boy Christian (Mr), Sir Magnum (Mr) [Airport hotel]

2022- boy Chris (Mr), Uncle Jaie (Mr) [Ramada Inn, Menaul/University]

2023 - Bear Marvin, Brandon [Social Club]

Sources: Andrew Walden-Montoya, Jayson DaBoi Johnson, contestants.

Patch - Corazon Leather 2023, Bear Marvin - Lash Onyx
Albuquerque Alibi, Carnal Carnevale, Logo
Albuquerque Alibi, Carnal Carnevale, Julian Addams Wolf


Alibi Fetish Events

Weekly Alibi was a newspaper and event producer as Alibi Fetish Events in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Julian Addams-Wolf produced the Carnal Carnevale Masquerade – a sophisticated event that allowed masked attendees to walk through many BDSM demos and fantasies while sipping a drink and having hors d’oeuvres.  This event, also known as the Alibi Fetish Ball, was held in January 2018 on 1st Street and December 2017 at the Gertrude Zachary mansion.  These type of events helped build a bridge from the vanilla world, allowing those lost to find home and safe space in the leather and kink communities.  Weekly Alibi shut down publication in August 2020.

As a related even in February 2017, Julian produced an Alibi event “Kinky Curiosities” at Sister Bar “showing off some of Albuquerque’s biggest fantasies, fetishes, kinks and curiosities.” There were live performers and demonstrations “from leather to lace, from bondage to burlesque, from domination to drag queens.”  Performances, demos, and vendors included Femme Fatale Burlesque Cabaret, Perla Foxxx of Dirty Deeds Burlesque, Annie O’Roar, Albuquerque Leather Daddys, Albuquerque boys of Leather, Rip & Shawna, 2016 Corazón Leather Titleholders, Mistress Lexianna & Her toys, Sweeny Odd, VJ Lithochasm, Cabaret Audacity, and Joy Coy.

Sources: Julian Addams-Wolf, Internet on

Patch, New Mexico Leather Bear 2019, Bear Marvin - Lash Onyx
Patch, New Mexico Leather Cub 2018, Andy Walden-Montoya


New Mexico Leather Bear/cub Contest

New Mexico Leather Bear / Leather Cub Contest was started and operated by the Albuquerque Leather Daddys, produced by member John Skelton.  Events were held primarily at Sidewinders Ranch location, 8900 Central SE, with some interviews at other locations.  The event is presumed closed upon the closing of the Albuquerque Leather Daddys.

2018 - NM Bear (Bear Tim), NM Cub (Andy Walden-Montoya)

2019 - NM Bear (Bear Marvin), NM Cub (Joshua Lobato)

2020 - NM Bear (Brian Tuffnell), NM Cub (Chris Jones)

Sources: Albuquerque Leather Daddy members, contestants, on


Dyke Night ABQ - Social Club

Albuquerque Social Club started Dyke Night ABQ to bring the community back out for some fun, under management of Toni Maestas.  Events are typically on first Tuesdays.  They include a DJ, multiple vendors, bootblacks (usually Jayson DaBoi Johnson), and much conversation and dancing.

Sources: Attendees, Toni Maestas,

Dyke Night ABQ, Social Club, Logo

National & International Representatives

Those from New Mexico that venture out to national and international events are our representatives, bring awareness of our community cultures to others.  They also bring ideas and energy back to the community in New Mexico.  Some of those living in New Mexico bring back a title or other distinguished positions in the broader national and international communities.  We list those events and individuals here:


Our national and international titleholders not only put their energy into entering and participating in a local event, but do so at broader event venue, often competing with people from across the country or world.  There is no doubt they grow from this experience.  They also help us grow through the shared experience and what they bring back to New Mexico.



  • Mr. Southwest Drummer, Pat Sanchez

Pat Sanchez, Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pat Sanchez, Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991, Albuquerque, New Mexico


  • International Bear Cub, Dominick Zurlo

    • Dominick had the title for 1994-1995, from Bear Expo in San Francisco that became International Bear Rendezvous.  Dominick was also Mr NM Drummer 1994 and came in 2nd place in the Drummer Southwest competition that year.


  • International Mr. Fantasy, Kevin Watson, supported by Sandia Leathermen/Leatherwomen.

    • See more information above on this page.


  • American Leatherwoman, Leslie Anderson, suported by Sandia Leathermen/Leatherwoman.

    • A part of American Brotherhood Weekend that includes American Leatherwoman, American Leatherman, and American Leatherboy Contests, at, holding events since 1989.

American Brotherhood Weekend - Logo
1997 American Brotherhood Weekend, Leslie Anderson, 1997 American Leatherwoman, with Leatherman and Leatherboy


  • International Ms Bootblack, Leslie Anderson (1st title of this event).

    • Leslie Anderson was the inaugural International Ms Bootblack (IMsBB) in 1999, for the International Ms Leather and Bootblack (IMsLBB) organization​ that held IMsL titles since 1987.  See


  • International Ms Leather, Lori Ellison, supported by Ms. New Mexico Leather.

    • Lori Ellison, from Rio Rancho, NM, obtained the Ms. New Mexico Leather title from HPL Productions of Colorado, after the Sandia Leathermen/Leatherwormen shut down operations.  The International competition was in Omaha, NE.

    • From TLJ: "Lori Ellison also won the Sisterhood Award voted on by the contestants. The fantasy performed by Lori Ellison was as erotic as the come and involved a watermelon. Cost of set? Less than $3, value of fantasy? Priceless. The audience cheered raucously as she fisted the melon with one hand, then with both. It was wild."


  • International Mr. Leather, Tyler McCormick, supported by Rio Grande Leather.

    • Tyler was the first disabled and trans winner of IML in 2010.  He blazed a trail in that role, dealing with significant burden due to prejudice from some in the leather community, and transforming our culture for future generations.  He enabled significantly more community support for future generations of trans titleholders than he ever received.

Tyler McCormick, IML International Mr Leather 2010
Tyler McCormick, IML International Mr Leather 2010
Tyler McCormick, IML International Mr Leather 2010
  • International Ms. Bootblack, Jayson DaBoi Johnson

    • International Ms Leather and Bootblack (IMsLBB).  See


  • International Bear Cub, Dominick Zurlo

    • TBD

Distinguished Representatives:

Holding a title is not the only way to contribute nationally and internationally.  Holding distinguished positions and providing contributions outside of New Mexico are also important to our community.  These individuals are examples of those who provide the best of New Mexico to other places, and return experience back to New Mexico:

Leslie J. Anderson

  • Head bootblack for "Team Shine" at International Mr. Leather.

  • Leather Preservation Specialist, Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago.

  • 1998 Pantheon of Leather Award, Rocky Mountain Region

  • 2000 Pantheon of Leather Award, Rocky Mountain Region

  • 2015 Pantheon of Leather Award, Mr. Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement

Sources for this section: Leslie Anderson, The Leather Journal, Internet,

Other Events

A Santa Fe event, "Friends of Dorothy," (2000-), happens periodically on Fridays ever few months, more often in the summer, an event started by Ian Johnson, originally from the UK.  It's focus is upon the gay community and their allies and does not focus on alternative lifestyles related to Leather and BDSM.  They rotate between venues, hotels, clubs, etc., and draw hundreds of attendees, usually featuring free hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar.  Attendance is usually around 150-300 people with a strong contingent of the lesbian community as well. 

Friends of Dorothy Albuquerque (2022-) started after the Pandemic, by Lucas Romero, because the Santa Fe event wasn't convenient or responsive to that city's needs.  It follows a similar format to the Santa Fe version, brining 75-200 attendees.

"Whips in the Park" has been a long-standing event often held in Roosevelt Park or other Albuquerque park that brings whip enthusiasts together.

There has been increasing adoption of leather and kink themes by different venues after the 2020 pandemic, somewhat mixed with burlesque entertainment.  A number of title events including Leather/Kink themes have been introduced at Sidewinders and Social Club as bar titles and also themes of drag shows.  For the purposes of this history, these are considered as being influenced by our community rather than within the community.  Examples:  Mr Ms Mx Kink Pageant (2023) @ Sidewinders by Melissa Brown.  Kinktopia (2023, 20204) - a leather/kink themed drag show at Albuquerque Social Club by Uncle Jaie.

Burlesque culture in New Mexico crosses into the alternative lifestyle communities.  Some of these include Acts of Enchantment, Albuquerque Burlesque by Unicorn Productions (2016-), Burlesque Noir, The New Mexico Burlesque Festival (2019-), Steph Sugar's Sandia Sugar Variety Shows & Burlesque.

Note: The history compilation on this page is courtesy of and Copyright 2024, Domum Corium Cordis, House of Leather Heart.

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